Textured Lap Pad – 13″ X 19″ – Green and Blue

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Product Description

This Weighted Texture Mat is our new product developed to fill the need for something small, yet sensory, to hold when traveling in the car or anytime you might just need something textured laying on your lap. This Texture Mat measures 19″ X 13″.   The multi-colored mat has blue and green fabrics, with each panel consisting of a different, interesting texture! This mat has a panel with a cool scale pattern, a panel of smooth cotton, a panel of ultra fuzzy fabric, and more, making it perfect for both visual and textural sensory needs! The mat is backed with a bumpy green minky fabric for that extra bit of texture.  A wrist weight fidget is included which can be attached to one of the two tabs. 

 This mat can be washed and dried on normal cycle.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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