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Product Description

The controller cloud pillow is a great tool to use for nesting. It is the perfect addition to any child’s bed who enjoys nesting among snuggly pillows. This super snuggly pillow is over 1.5 feet long and is excellent for transitioning into bed time and providing emotional support. The cloud pillow is  super soft and the design is stitched into the pillow for textural input. 

Nesting is an important step to feeling comfortable in a sleeping space. Transitional nesting pillows such as our cloud pillow should stay in the bed, as these will help signal to your child that is time to transition to a calming sleep time. When getting ready for bed, talking and engaging in imaginative play with the Sleep Pals could be calming to your child. For example, they can give their cloud pillow a hug good-night for added compression, or simply tell them that it is time to get ready for bed, which reinforces what time it is. 

Our cloud pillows are sensory snuggly and can help children feel safer in their bed, as they are provided constant proprioceptive feedback from the pillow as they sleep. 

WARNING: Children under the age of 1 should not have toys in their bed while sleeping, due to the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)



  • Weight: 1 lb

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