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“I am kind, I am confident, I am important.” Did you know that repeating positive affirmations to yourself is scientifically proven to build confidence and boost self-esteem? Each card provides kids with a positive affirmation, an activity to emulate it, and follow up questions. Finally, kids are encouraged to choose their 3 favorite affirmations and repeat them each morning in front of a mirror. What a great way to start the day with confidence!

  • BOOST SELF-ESTEEM: Positive affirmations are proven to build self-esteem and confidence. This set includes 50+ positive affirmation, paired with simple activities for kids.
  • ENCOURAGE SELF-REFLECTION: On the back of each affirmation card are talking points and timed activities that encourage self-reflection.
  • DEVELOP DAILY MANTRAS: Having a go-to set of daily affirmations empowers children to believe in themselves and builds resilience in the face of challenges.

CARDS INCLUDE: 50+ Positive Affirmations, 50+ Activities, 100+ Discussion Prompts


  • Weight: 1 lb

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