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Start small, then go big with our 12-inch Collapsible Ball! Science, geometry and design work in perfect harmony to shape this mind-teasing novelty. Each ball is composed of 32 vertex points and 60 multicolored edge rods that come together to form 40 equilateral triangle faces. Each ball expands from 9-inches to 14-inches. 

If your child slowly expands the sphere as they take a deep, controlled breath and then releases it as they make the ball small again, your child is able to practice mindful breathing for self regulation. As your child breathes, encourage them to fill their belly full of air and feel their belly expanding as they breathe in. This form of diaphragmatic breathing is useful for individuals with struggle with stress and anxiety and helps them calm themselves. This sphere is an intriguing fidget as well as a source for visual-sensory input without light. There are so many ways to use this sphere as a sensory tool!

This listing is for a singular Collapsible Ball. Colors of the individual fidget may vary. 



  • Weight: 1 lb

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