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This Child Size custom blanket is the ideal choice for children 5 feet tall and under to help with sleep or during times of frustration or anxiety. The ideal size for a weighted blanket used for the purpose of restorative sleep needs to be long enough to go from the shoulders past the toes in length, wide enough to lay over the body, and touching the bed on either side of the child.

In addition, the child size blanket is also a good size for older youth and adults who only want pressure over their lap and legs or want to use it wrapped around the core or draped across the lower body for calming due to frustration or anxiety. 

Our custom blankets are made with pre-made weighted inserts and removable, custom covers that are made right here in-house by our talented seamstresses. The removable, machine-washable cover makes it super easy to wash your blanket as well as switch between different covers! Similar to a duvet cover but much more secure, our blankets have loops on both the weighted insert and the custom cover that are tied together to keep the cover in place, but instead of the usual design of having a loop in each corner, our blankets have loops every 10-12 inches for maximum security! Both the cover and insert are machine washable but washing the cover by itself is much easier on your washing machine. 

You also have the option to have the custom cover sewn permanently onto the weighted insert. This gives the blanket a more even and consistent weight distribution if it is going to be frequently moved from place to place, which can be a good choice for those who love routine and are sensitive to change. This option does cost a bit more, only because it makes the blanket a little trickier to construct and is harder on our sewing machines!

If you would like to purchase just a removable cover without the weighted insert, give us a call (972-599-1220)!



The inner layer of the blanket is constructed with baffled sections of virgin glass micro beads, ensuring equal weight distribution and secure containment. It is available in 8-, 10-, and 12-pound choices.  

Child Size Weighted Blanket Dimension: 40″ x 60″

See pictures 2-5 for size examples/comparisons. Please note that the pattern on this example blanket does not match the pattern for this listing – it is just to see the size! Our model is 5’ 6”. 


Fabric and Colors:

Both sides of this blanket are made with smooth minky fabric, with one side being a darker iris purple and the other side being a soft lavender purple, which combine into a lovely soft purple palette! 


See picture 1 to see the colors for the front and back.


Blanket can be washed and dried on normal cycle.


Please note that due to variations of computer monitors and browsers, the blanket colors may vary slightly from the image on your screen.  These colors were hand-selected by Stacy to complement each other and create a beautiful custom blanket. 


Tied Together vs Sewn-In:

Tied Together – This is our standard blanket and means that the weighted insert and the custom cover are tied together through a series of loops on the inside of the blanket, spaced every 10-12 inches for maximum security. This allows you to remove the cover for easier washing, as well as being able to switch between different custom covers! This is great for those who might grow out of a younger print in a few years and will want a new print/color, or those who want to be able to customize their blanket by season, room décor, or mood.

Sewn-In – This means that the weighted insert is permanently sewn into the custom cover. This is a great option for those who are planning on taking their blanket on the go and moving it around a lot – having it sewn in gives the weighted insert some extra stability to make certain it stays in place, which makes it good for those who love routine and are sensitive to change.  

See pictures 6-8 to see an example of what the tied-on loops look like vs the sewn-in seam.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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