Chewable: Tough Bar (Out of Stock)




Product Description

The Tough Bar Chewable is an FDA approved chewing alternative to clothes, pencils, pens, etc.  The texture on one end is excellent for oral motor stimulation and it is a sensory hand fidget for those seeking texture.  This chewable comes on a shoestring for wearing around the neck and is appropriate for the moderate to heavy chewer. The Tough Bar is our toughest chewable and, with the texture, it makes it an interesting fidget/chewable.

The Tough Bar is available for pick-up in the Dallas, TX, area to avoid shipping costs.

The Cool Cord is an innovative product from Stacy’s Sensory Solutions that is a wonderful solution for those that need to chew on collars or sleeves.  The cord is made from strips of cotton jersey with 5% lycra for a little stretch.  They are completely washable/dryable and very durable.  


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