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Product Description

The Chewable Pocket Stixx is an FDA approved chewing alternative to clothes, pencils, pens, etc.  The alternating textures are excellent for oral motor stimulation and it is a sensory hand fidget for those texture seeking children.  This chewable is easy to carry (4 1/2″) and appropriate for the moderate to heavy chewer.  It will come on a waxed cord with a break–away clasp which can be taken off if desired.  Attaching a Cool Cord is also an option.

The Cool Cord is an innovative product from Stacy’s Sensory Solutions that is a wonderful solution for those that need to chew on collars or sleeves.  The cord is made from strips of cotton jersey with 5% lycra for a little stretch.  They are completely washable/dryable and very durable.  

Chewable Pocket Stixx is available for pick-up in the Dallas, TX, area to avoid shipping costs.



  • Weight: 1 lb

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