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The Chair Kick Banz is a wonderful solution for a fidgety child! As a hands-free fidget for your feet, it’s perfect for schoolwork, especially work on a computer that requires both hands! The simple fabric banz goes around the two front legs of the chair, which allows your child to swing or kick their legs to meet that satisfying pressure without disturbing those around them. This provides the needed pressure resistance input which can increase concentration and attentiveness!

This listing comes with two chair banz–one in lycra and one in elastic, so you’ll have two different types of resistances to fidget with!

If you need Chair Banz in bulk, such as for a classroom, you can buy them in a set of 20! You can have a set of 20 lycra Chair Banz (lighter resistance) or a set of 20 elastic Chair Banz (heavier resistance). 





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