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Aromatherapy can be a powerful and comforting sensory tool and can be used in a wide variety of ways! Whether it’s used to focus, relax, sleep, energize, or comfort, this aromatherapy diffuser gift set is perfect for you! With your choice of 1 out of 3 different Essential Oil scents, a beautiful, color-changing ceramic diffuser, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite scents around your home in comfort and style.

This Color-Changing Ceramic Diffuser is beautifully designed to make a lovely addition to any home! With a sleek, modern style, it will fit in with any home décor, and to make it really special, it also lights up and  changes colors! It easily transforms any space into a soothing sensory environment–all you have to go is add your favorite scent and plug it in, and watch it go. 

To go with your diffuser you also get to choose your favorite essential oil blend! Pick your favorite one out of these three different options, all designed for a specific purpose: 

  • Relax is a blend of oils with a fruity, energizing scent designed to soothe even the most anxious minds

         Components: Mandarin Green, Lavender, Honey Extract, Cardamom 

  • Refresh is a blend of oils with a tangy, refreshing scent designed to energize even the most tired minds.

         Components: Lemon, Lime, Lemongrass, Rosemary, and Linaloe Wood

  • Comfort is a blend of oils with a floral, powdery, and sweet fragrance designed to soothe even the most anxious minds.

         Components: Blood Orange, Clementine, Palmarosa, and Benzoin Siam

Set includes:
  • 1 Essential Oil Blend, choose from Relax, Refresh, or Comfort  
  • Color-Changing Ceramic Diffuser


  • Weight: 1 lb

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