Category: Seamless Undies and Socks

Bumps, seams, ouchies, burglers, or nuggies. By whatever name they’re called, seams and lumps and bumps can be a nuisance. SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Products have taken the woes out of clothes and help to keep the morning routine in check. In 2003, SmartKnitKIDS, a brand of Knit-Rite, Inc., started receiving requests from parents for a completely seamless sock. It seemed that all the seamless socks available had a flat or handlinked seam across the toes. To a sensitive child, this was still a bother; there was still a toe seam. With over 90 years of medical textile expertise, Knit-Rite used parent feedback to create a patented 100% seamless sock with added comfort features for sensitive feet.

Children are not the only ones with sensitive feet and toes. Often sensitive kiddos turn into sensitive adults. SmartKnitKIDS expanded their line to include seamless socks for adults, appropriately named SmartKnit Big KIDS Socks. In 2010, SmartKnitKIDS launched patent pending Seamless Undies. The first of its kind, their seamless undies are seam free, elastic free, and gently hug little bottoms! The evolution continued with the launch of the Seamless UnderTee in 2011. This form-fitting undershirt protects skin from annoying clothing seams and provides a soothing ‘hug’.

Seamless Bralette by SmartKnitKIDS