Category: Drool Bandana

These reversible drool bandanas are designed to give a little more dignity to a necessary condition by providing a sensible solution with lots of personality! Each has an inner liner sewn between the two sides so that when the bandana gets wet, flip it and you have a dry side ready to go. The neck is adjustable with a clip system and is easily clipped to the perfect fit for your loved one.  The tip has a loop that allows for a chewable to be attached.  You can add a light chewable for an extra $2.00.  Any of our chewables can be purchased separately and tied onto the loop.  

The adult bandanas vary slightly in size, as notated in each product description.

To select the appropriate size for the children’s bandana, measure around your child’s neck and choose the bandana that is this measurement plus at least 3 inches for overlap.  Measure from the top of their collar to the point that you want the bandanas to fall.  These two measurements will give you the perfect fit to meet your child’s needs.


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