Category: Cool Cords

Cool Cords are our newest innovative product!  These cords are a socially appropriate fidget for both girls and boys because the cords resemble woven friends ship necklaces as well as braided necklaces that professional athletes are wearing.  The cords can be stretched and twisted.  The woven cord provides great textural input as well.  This necklace comes in 3 lengths and a chunky or narrow cord.  It can be made with or without the silicone bead.

These cords were also designed with the t-shirt chewers in mind.  For our kids who chew their shirt collars or cuffs, a typical silicone chewable is not a substitute.  These kids crave the texture of cloth.  The Cool Cords are woven from strips of cotton jersey with 5% lycra for a little stretch.  The result is a durable necklace or bracelet.  We recommend the thicker cords for our children who will be chewing the cord.  The cord can be tossed into the washer and dryer and is ready for the next day.  One of our light-weight chewables can be added to the cord for an additional $2.00 or a medium- or heavy-weight chewable can be added for an additional $8.00.

This is a Stacy’s Sensory Exclusive!  Try one today!