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Big feelings get the best of us sometimes. When that happens, we all need somewhere that we can go to calm down and regroup. This bundle is full of hand-picked items to help you build a space for your preteen where they can go to get some calming and regulating sensory input to help them get in a better mental and emotional state. 

This bundle includes:

  • Visual Liquid Floor Tile (12 x 12)
    • This tile is full of mesmerizing liquid color that moves around when you press or step on it! This visual input can be very calming to watch and manipulate with hands and feet. 
  • Bumpas
    • This friendly monster has weighted arms (2.5 lbs) that are perfect for giving comforting hugs!
  • Breathing Noodle
    • Take a deep breath as you pull this noodle as far as you can, and then let it out as you release the noodle as slowly as you can. This encourages deep, calming breathing. 
  • Visual Sensory Tube
    • This fun tube can help your children or students manage their emotions, focus their attention and practice quiet, calm engagement. This securely sealed, easy-to-grip bottle offers fascinating movement patterns and provide a quiet option for children who need help settling down. 
  • Fidget Pouch
    • This pressure squeezer is a great way to relieve anxiety and frustration, and it’s sewn into a durable lycra pouch making it almost impossible to pop.
  • Pressure Seat/Tube
    • Sit on this fantastic squishy wiggle cushion – the subtle movement helps children meet sensory needs while focusing on a task. Or zip it up into a tube that offers a tight squeeze when you push your hands and arms inside its squishy center, offering calming pressure! 


  • Weight: 1 lb

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