Bubble Tube Lamp




Product Description

This 35.5″ bubble tube lamp features an array of plastic fish that swim up, down, and all around the tube in a mass of bubbles. It’s like having your own no-maintenance aquarium! Each bubble tube lamp comes with a remote control that allows you to control the colors of the lights. AC powered. All cords included. 
Bubbles in tubes such as these are incredibly calming to watch, as it is a repetitive yet engaging activity. This is the perfect addition to any calming corner, as child can sit and practice deep breathing while watching the fish. Once they have been given a chance to calm down and collect themselves, you can engage them in a conversation about how they are feeling, relating it to the tube. For example, you can ask them, “Do you ever feel like your feeling are bubbling up inside you like the bubble tube?” and discuss when that happens, as well as strategies they can use to calm down when they feel that way. 

This item is available for in store pick up in Plano Texas only. 
Ages 12+


  • Weight: 1 lb

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