Bubble Popper – Rainbow Shapes (Out of Stock)




Product Description

The fidget sensation is here–and now in fun rainbow shapes! These cute designs will make the perfect addition to your bubble popper collection. 

Bubble Poppers are like infinite bubble wrap! The silicone bubbles have a satisfying resistance and a fun ‘pop’ sound when pressed, and one you finish popping the bubbles you can simply turn the popper around and start all over again on the other side! The pops are loud enough to be satisfying but not loud enough to be a distraction and as an added bonus, they are super easy to clean and sanitize! These cool new fidgets are great for auditory and tactile input, as well as anxious and focus fidgeting. 

These Rainbow Shape Bubble Poppers come in six designs–unicorn, teddy bear, mermaid tail, diamond, heart, and flower–pick your favorite or collect them all! 


  • Weight: 1 lb

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