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  • 3 GAMES IN 1 BOX: The Duncan Toys Brain Game set includes [1] Quick Cube 3×3, [1] Serpent Snake Puzzle and [1] Color Shift Puzzle Ball. This 3 piece puzzle game set is great for gifts
  • QUICK CUBE 3X3: Challenge your brain with the fast-paced Duncan Quick Cube puzzle. Once you solve it, improve your time and become a Quick Cube master! Whether you’re a pro or novice, this is a simple and fun brain game for all ages and skill levels
  • COLOR SHIFT PUZZLE BALL: The Duncan Color Shift Puzzle Ball has 11 balls in different colors to be matched with their corresponding colored rings on the outer shell. A hands-on game that can improve basic problem-solving skills
  • SERPENT SNAKE PUZZLE: A twistable challenge of unlimited puzzle shapes. Start twisting, and let your imagination transform your thoughts into shapes! Turn a snake into a dog, a ball into a duck, or a heart into a space ship. A great fidget toy
  • ENGAGING BRAIN GAMES: This set of small puzzles is designed to keep kids engaged in a fun-filled manner and develop problem solving skills. Handy for keeping kids playfully occupied on a vacation trip, in the car, school, home and more
  • Skill level: Beginner


  • Weight: 1 lb

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