Blanket On-The-Go 20″ X 42″ Soft Pink Minky Bump on Soft Gray Minky Bump



SKU: S1222

Product Description

This stylish blanket is the ideal choice for clinic and school settings. It was designed with a size in mind that works well for easy travel. It is made to wrap around the upper body or be worn across the lap. It is perfect for traveling in the car or taking to appointments where anxiety or behavior issues tend to arise. It also is the ideal size for children and adults who use wheel chairs because the dimensions allow the blanket to lay over the lap and extend past the knees without interfering with the movement of the chair. It is constructed with twenty baffled sections, ensuring equal weight distribution and secure containment. This blanket is available in 4, 6, and 8 pound choices.

Blanket can be washed and dried on normal cycle.


  • Weight: 9 lb

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