Be Resilient!

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A self-care activity book and journal for children aged 7+ to help build resilience.

Everyone needs a resilient spring in their step to help them cope with moments that are big, new, scary or difficult, or following unusual times like the COVID-19 pandemic. The encouraging and simple activities and exercises will help children to understand what resilience is, how resilient they already are and how to become even more resilient, They will develop the skills to recognise and manage their emotions and feelings, and overcome challenging experiences.

The quirky illustrations will keep children entertained and focused as they work through the book – or they can simply dip into the pages for ten minutes of calming doodling, colouring or writing.

Part of the bestselling Mindful Kids series, a thoughtful range of activity books for children that has sold over 100,000 copies and includes No Worries, Hello Happy, Stay Strong, Be Brave, Be Positive and Letting Go, Sleep Tight and Online Offline.

Written by Dr. Sharie, child and family psychotherapist, with an introduction and notes for grown-ups.                 



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