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Make bathtime funtime! We know that sometime it can be a battle to get your kids in the bath, so make it easier on yourself or a loved one with this fun gift set full of bathtime activities!

Waddle Bobble Bath Toy – It’s a penguin party on the Waddle Bobbers iceberg! These little penguins have weighted bases so you can spin them and make them wobble outside the tub. Take them inside the tub and they float! Fill up the tub, set the iceberg adrift, and send the penguins racing down the slide! Whoosh!

Magic Bath Book – These magical bathtime books show your child how fun bathtime can be – they will watch with wonder as they see the spots, stripes, and dirt magically disappear on each page when they get wet with warm water! They return again as the book dries out – just in time for their next bath! 

GloPal Christmas Character Light-Up Bath Toy – Insert your Glo Pals Light-Up Cube into the back of each Pal, drop it in the water, and watch it light up! Featuring bendable arms and colorful personalities, each Pal proudly illustrates the uniqueness in every child! Each Pal comes with two Glo Pals Light-Up Cubes included in the box!



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