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Ask Einstein is the newest technology in flash card learning! Kids will see a flash card and try and get the correct answer by placing Einstein the mouse on the card. If they are correct – Einstein flashes green and makes sounds. If the answer is wrong Einstein flashed red and buzzes. This kit includes the Ask Einstein character and 100 flash cards cover basic Animals and Dinosaurs knowledge every child needs. Plus, it includes 5 different games kids can use to challenge their knowledge:

-STACK THE DECK GAMEĀ is a game of strategy and competition
-HOT POTATO EINSTEIN GAMEĀ is a game of speed and fast action
-RUN THE DECK GAMEĀ is a challenge for every kid (and adult)
-TEAM CHALLENGE GAMEĀ is a great team building and bonding game
-THE EINSTEIN DUAL GAMEĀ is the ultimate fast action trivia game

The cards are 3.5″ wide x 4.25″ tall. Great for kids ages 3 – 6, 1 x AAA battery required (not included), packaged in a fine color box so it is great for gift giving. Perfect for school, home, or home-schooling!

  • SMART FLASH CARDS: Einstein is smart! Kids answer flash card and he tells them if they are correct
  • SOUNDS & LIGHTS:Ā Kids get instant feedback with green light, red light, and sound effects
  • GAME PLAY:Ā Includes 5 different action packed games for 1, 2, 4, or more kids. Even adults can play!
  • Perfect for home, school, or home-schooling


  • Weight: 1 lb

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