Aromatherapy Sustain-a-mal – Fin the Fox (2 in Stock)

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SUSTAIN A-MAL: Sustain a-mals are made from cleaned & melted recycled plastic bottles that are turned into super soft plush. Most importantly, Sustain a-mals are helping to contribute to a greener Earth.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Sustain a-mals are good for the planet & for cuddly hugs. This toy’s super soft fabric, stuffing, & pellets were made from 3 recycled plastic water bottles & the hangtag was made from recycled paper.

CUDDLY FRIEND: Each Sustain a-mal has a tag that tells you their name and a little about them so you can instantly become best friends. Stuffed animal is machine washable.

COMFORTING TOY: This plush toy is a comforting pal and perfect for get well wishes, birthdays and more! It is a huggable travel friend for kids on road trips & airplanes, or a cute bedroom decoration.

COLLECTIBLE FUN: Plush animals are fun to collect and trade and make great keepsakes for children, teens & adults. Favorite stuffed toys are soothing for toddlers & make carefree pets!

AROMATHERAPY: The weighted insert is also full of soothing lavender! You can microwave the insert for a heated, weighted, aromatherapy experience!


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