Aromatherapy Putty: 3 Choices – 1 oz. Firm Resistance




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Aromatherapy Putty

Product Description

 Aromatherapy Scented Putty can be used as a squeeze toy, therapy tool, stress reliever, fidget or molding clay, and more! Stretch, mold, and pull on putty to strengthen hand grasp and improve fine motor skills. Children can develop fine motor skills, strengthen hand and arm muscles, and improve sensory sensitivity. Adults can use the putty as a stress reliever, physical therapy tool to improve muscle strength and mobility, and reduce stress with aromatherapy and calming activity. Let children play with putty and benefit from aromatherapy.

Putty has many different uses to help target many different behaviors!

  • When your child is getting frustrated with a task, you can encourage them to take a brain break, and work on the putty. This will help children get their mind off of whatever was previously frustrating them, and give them time to process through their emotions in a safe and productive way. 
  • If you child is struggling with fine motor tasks, such as buttoning their clothes or tying their shoes, hiding beads in putty and encouraging your children to find the “hidden treasure” is a great activity to encourage developing fine motor strength and coordination. 
  • Putty can also a great way to encourage children to use both of their hands, which works on Bilateral Coordination. Some ways to get your child to engage with the putty with both hands, is to encourage them so stretch the putty to make “snakes!” Once they stretch the putty, they can use both of their hands to roll the putty on the table into an even longer snake. Finally, when their snake is too long, have them gather up all of the putty and use both of their hands to reform the putty back into a ball. 

Three choices include Lemon Refreshing for Retention of Information, Spearmint Awakening for Engaging the Brain on a Task, and Lavender Calming for Engaging the Brain on a Task.  Aromatherapy Putty is made from silicone and is free of gluten, casein, latex and soy. Each putty is colored according to scent including lemon yellow, spearmint green, and lavender light purple. Putty has been safety tested and is CPSIA compliant and has a firm resistance.



  • Weight: 1 lb

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