Aqua Dream Stickers




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Product Description

These beautiful oceanic stickers have glitter accents to bring out that pop of fun! This collection of 30 stickers is perfect for anyone who loves the ocean and has something to decorate!

Stickers are a great activity for children as it helps to build and practice their fine motor skills, especially their activity to pinch. Often this activity is challenging for kids just starting out, so if your child is finding stickers frustrating, you can help them by starting the peel for them, and having them finish peeling off the sticker. This allows them to still practice the pinching skills, while also feeling successful. As they develop and get better at peeling off stickers, challenge them to peel the sticker off themselves! These pinching skills are then generalized to other fine motor skills, such as tying their shoes, and even feeding themselves during mealtimes!

Warning: This product contains small pieces and may not be suitable for children under the age of 36 months. 


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