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Little learners build key early literacy skills all on their own with this sturdy, portable set including a magnetic white board with handle and storage. Comes with magnetic letters that you can stick to the board to spell various words. The included practice cards can stand up in the included slot on the baord, showing only a picture – your child then has to spell whatever word is showing on the card (such as pie, dog, arm, etc.). Once they think they have it right, they can lift the card out of the slot to then reveal the correct answer! The board comes with built-in storage for the magnets and the cards, and has a handle for easy portablity to take in the car, to waiting rooms, or anywhere else you want for some screen-free learning.  

They’re Learning! :

  • Letter recognition, spelling, and reading
  • Encourages independent learning
  • Manipulating the cards and magnets builds hand strength, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination

Cut to the Chase

  • Includes portable magnetic board with handle and storage
  • 42 magnetic uppercase letters
  • 30 double-sided word cards (60 words)



  • Weight: 1 lb

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