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Each Air Dough Kit comes with four different colors and a set of picture instructions to create one of many different amazing creations! When creating with your child, you can help foster their language and cognitive development by asking them about the different colors and mixing the different colors to see what color emerges! You can also discuss opposites, as many of the patterns require making small and large sized figures. Each set comes with picture steps, which helps your child practice sequencing, or the ability to understand the steps necessary to complete a project. Practice this skill by asking them, “What comes next?” Finally, the steps are numbered, which help reinforces number-learning!

This kit is perfect for children who are working on fine motor coordination as each of the eight possible project have steps that encourage your child to roll different sizes of dough and carefully place them to create their final masterpiece. This is a creative way for your child to practice necessary fine motor skills that will eventually lead to improved fine motor coordination. These skills are crucial for lots of different tasks, such as buttoning or threading a zipper, as well as being able to hold a pencil or even tie their own shoes! 

Once your child has completed their creation, leave it out overnight for it to dry and then they have a toy that they can use over and over again!

Warning: This product is not suitable for children under 36 months due to having small pieces. 

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