3 Puzzle Pack – Outer Space (Out of Stock)




Product Description

Puzzles are an excellent way to develop your child’s fine-motor skills, pattern and shape recognition, visual-motor integration, as well as others! Puzzles can also function as visual and textural sensory input, as well as being just plain fun! These holographic puzzles have super fun pictures that look 3D–no 3D glasses required! This super cool pack comes with three different puzzles, for three times the fun! Two of the puzzles are 63 pieces, and once you’ve mastered those, you can challenge yourself with the last puzzle, which has 100 pieces! Each puzzle has a different cool picture of outer space, so this is the perfect puzzle pack for any kiddo that loves planets and stars!

Pack Includes:

Two 63-pieces puzzles

One 100-piece puzzle

For ages 5+ 


  • Weight: 1 lb

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