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Which holiday?
With Squeaky the Hide n Seek Mouse?

Product Description

Our exclusive holiday creation is back! This Fun Fidget Holiday Countdown Bag will have 24 individually wrapped fidgets, numbered and organized in order so that you and your kids can open 1 fidget a day to count down the days until Christmas or New Year’s! Besides being a great way to help your kids visualize how much time is left between now and the holidays, it’s also a great way to stock up on fidgets!

This year we’re also offering a special deal! You can get your Fun Fidget Bag with a Squeaky the Hide n Seek Mouse! If you get Squeaky, then you can play a fun game with your kids by hiding each day’s fidget with Squeaky so they can play a game of hide and seek to find that day’s prize. You also get a special deal on Squeaky – instead of being her usual $16.95, with this bundle she’s only $11.95!

The best part is that the whole bag (without Squeaky) is only $50! This is an amazing deal for 24 fidgets, so snap it up while you can! If you want to guarantee that you receive your Countdown Box by December 1st, you’ll have to order online by November 22th – or if you’re able to pick it up in-store, then you can give us a call at 972-599-1220 to place your order by November 29th, and we’ll have it ready for you by November 30th.

If you miss the order deadlines, don’t worry! We can still get you a Countdown Box, we just can’t guarantee that you’ll receive it by December 1st.

The design choice for the box only affects the packaging – so whether you want a Christmas-themed Countdown Box or a New Year’s-themed Box, either way the value of the fidgets inside will be the same!


  • Weight: 1 lb

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